The Airbus Pop.Up Is a Flying, Self Driving Plane Car – Fantastic!

Airbus Pop.Up

The Geneva Motor Show is known for the awe-inspiring concept cars and one in particular rose above the rest – literally. The collaboration between the design house Italdesign and manufacturer Airbus has brought the new Pop.Up concept. This drone/car hybrid blurs the line between the VTOL flying car and the self-driving car. Is this how people will get from one place to another in the future?

Given that Airbus is developing personal commuter drones and Italdesign has done some work on autonomous car designs, it’s completely understandable that the Pop.Up car finds itself between the two.

If you choose to ignore the massive drone you’ll be able to see that the concept looks like a typical a autonomous urban commuter vehicle. It has an electric powertrain meaning that it’s a zero-emission design and it’s quite a refreshment. Check it out!