What is a PULSE JET ENGINE and how it works?!?


The Pulse jet engine or simply called the Pulsejet is a very simple device that belongs to the family of internal combustion engines. What’s peculiar about the Pulsejets is that they have few or no moving parts. They were cutting edge science when they were invented in the early 1900’s and they remained so until after WWII. Many would say that the Pulsejets were abandoned even before they reached their prime.

Simply put, they went fro being the main source of power for countless cruise missiles to nothing more that something a skilled hobbyist would have interest in. However, due to the unique properties that a pulse jet engines has, it still maintains its popularity mostly because it is the perfect test platform for many devices and technologies.

There are two basic types of pulsejets, valveless engines and valved engines. Nevertheless, both types can run on a wide range of fuels and operate on the same principles. Taking into consideration their simplicity, it’s safe to say that they are surprisingly powerful. Check out the video below to find out more about them!