A Radial Engine constructed from VW parts – An engineering masterpiece!

Radial Engine

The radial engine features a peculiar design and is unlike any typical automotive engine you have seen. What’s specific to it is that it uses a centrally-located crankshaft which drives connecting rods thanks to a master connecting rod, furthermore connected directly to the crankshaft and most often, used in the upward-facing cylinder.

Having said that, hand-building a 7-cylinder radial engine is no small feat given how many details you have to play attention to. Luckily, there are loons out there that are capable of doing the so-thought impossible as evidenced by the immense detail shown in the video below. This guy has built a 7-cylinder radial engine and constructed it mostly from old VW.

Apart from the air-cooled VW engine parts, the crankshaft, crankcase and the bigger part of the hard parts appears to be custom-made for this application. With an engine displacement of just over 2.0-liters and its marvelous design, there is no doubt this is an engineering masterpiece. Check it out in the video below!