Radial solenoid engine – A different kind of electric engine!

Radial Solenoid EngineRadial solenoid engine is, simply put, an engine that is powered by solenoids. Its operation, conception, fabrication and design are what we call a piece of art. Moreover, the radial solenoid engine was created by students from the University of Washington, Connor Lee and Jeffrey Weng, which makes it even more interesting.

Most electric engine use one or two coils. If there is only one coil, then it interacts with a magnet and if there are two, they interact with each other. But, as I have already mentioned, this design uses solenoids.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, a solenoid is also a coil but, it’s made out of thin copper wire, rolled on a piece of metal. When there is electricity in the coil, the solenoid becomes a magnet.
This is the building process- check it out: