The Rescue Bit allows drilling through toughest metals and materials!

Rescue Bit

The Rescue bit primarily was introduced as a broken screws extractor. If something goes wrong with a project and you didn’t use the right tool, the Rescue bit was there to fix the mess. However, this drill is not only used for getting rid of bad screws – it can be used universally.

It can drill through wood, glass, porcelan and any other material. It doesn’t bend, break not does it melt under heavy use. It’s the perfect tool.

In fact, the Rescue bit would prove to be one of the most reliable drills in your tool set. It comes in sizes  1/4 and 1/8. Oh and, you can also use it as a hacksaw.

It will be one of the most reliable drill bit in your toolset. It comes in two sizes 1/4 and 1/8, you can get both to be able to do any DIY project.