Road Train Trucks – The Longest Trucks in the World!

Road trains
Road trains

The 3B “Centipede” – The longest truck in the world. A road train or land train is a trucking vehicle of a type used in rural and remote areas of Argentina, Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United States to move freight efficiently. The term road train is mainly used in Australia and instead of pulling one trailer, a road train pulls two or more of them.

Australia has the largest and heaviest road-legal vehicles in the world and long, flat straight roads. In the US, the terms triples or turnpike doubles are commonly used for longer combination vehicles.

In the video below you can see the 3B “Centipede” and the Canadian Mammoet. The 3B “Centipede” is a 160 foot long and 205 ton truck powered by a 550 HP diesel engine, with an 18-speed transmission, and has 110 wheels and 28 axles. The Mammoet –  a “self-propelled modular transporter”, which carries a 1,790 ton 75 foot high building.

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