Bluesmart Is The World’s First Robot Suitcase That Moves On Its Own!

Robot Suitcase

Decades have passed and we have seen almost no innovation in the luggage industry. But all of a sudden, that changed. This robot suitcase is to solve all the problems one could have when it comes to modern travelling. With Bluesmart, every luggage nightmare comes to an end. In addition, it will make you look like the coolest kid at the airport.

Blue smart is the first high-quality robot suitcase that is capable of moving on its own. This carry-on suitcase can be easily controlled via your smartphone. You can weigh it, track its location, lock it and unlock it. Additionally, you will be notified if you’re accidentally leaving your carry-on suitcase behind.

That ought to tell you something about your travel habits, doesn’t it? What’s more, there is an option to charge your phone 6 times over with a built-in battery. Check it out!