Rotary engine – How is it made and how does it work?

Rotary engineThe rotary engine is somewhat of an early type of internal-combustion engine. It was designed with an odd number of cylinders per row. The configuration is radial where the crankshaft remains stationary during the operation. The whole crankcase and its cylinders are rotating around the crankshaft as a unit. Its primary use was in aviation but, we have also seen it in few early motorcycles and automobiles.

To understand the rotary engine better, it is essential to compare it to a conventional engine, like the piston engine. This engine does 4 different job is the same volume of space – combustion, compression, exhaust and intake.

Compared to that, the rotary does the same 4 jobs, except that here, everything happens in a different part of the housing. This means that every cylinder has a specific task. In the video below, you will see how such an engine is put together and how it works!