Howe & Howe RS1-RM1 Prime Mover – RC Robotic Pallet Jack!

RS1-RM1 Prime Mover

The RS1-RM1 Prime Mover is a remote operating robotic pallet jack that has no flaws. It is manufactured and designed by the famous Howe and Howe Inc. – a world leader when it comes to extreme vehicle manufacturing.

There are a lot of things that the RS1-RM1 Prime Mover has got compared to the others out there. First of all, this thing is known for its superior towing ability. It has the capacity of towing up to 9,000lbs. It features  hydraulically actuated front forks, detachable goose neck, a standard rear hitch and .adjustable counter weights. Despite everything we’ve said so far, it can also be customized for specific applications and personal options.

The fact that it is remotely operated allows the user maneuverability and unparalleled control. What more could you ask from a pallet jack, anyway? Check it out!