A big, old Russian Radial engine starts up and runs once again!

Russian radial engineRussian radial engine

At the traditional tractor meeting in Burkhardtsdorf, a large Russian radial engine, that has been around for some time, has been started up and run once again. Of course, this is not your average engine. This is a Shvetsov M-62 and those of you who are familiar with Russian aircraft may have heard of it once or twice.

The engine was first run in 1937 so it’s a pretty old design to say the least. But, this one is actually an upgraded version of the olderĀ  Shvetsov M-25 that first showed up in 1925. This engine is specifically designed for use in aircraft. It is built much tougher and it has a higher degree of quality. You can’t just pull off to the sides of the road in case of an engine failure in an aircraft.

Check it out!