How Does The Scuderi Engine Works?

Scuderi EngineScuderi Engine

The Scuderi-engine, also called the Scuderi Split Cycle Engine, is a split cycle, internal combustion engine invented by Carmelo J. Scuderi.

The Scuderi engines have paired cylinders, each of which performs two of the strokes of a conventional engine. In this engines, the compression cylinder performs intake and compression, while the power cylinder performs combustion and exhaust. Compressed air is then transferred from the compression cylinder to the power cylinder through a crossover passage, and finally the fuel is injected and fired to produce the power stroke.

How Does The Scuderi Engine Works?

According to Scuderi, the split-cycle engine is 25 percent more efficient than a regular engine found in European cars, and 13 percent more efficient than high-class vehicles.

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