VW Sedric – Fully Electric, Self-Driving Car Of The Century!


Have you ever seen the little pods that carry you around at Heathrow’s Terminal 5? Well, if you have wondered what it might be like to own one of those Ultra Global-designed pods, without the concrete driving lanes, then wonder no more. Volkswagen’s Sedric is a fully-electric, self-driving car that was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

It is a sort of compact and driverless vehicle that’s ought to change the future of the roads. They look like a replica of those Heathrow personal rapid transit pods. What’s more amazing about this concept car though, is that the pedals, the dashboard and the steering wheel are replaced by only 3 buttons.: Call Operator, Go, and Stop.

Sedric, carelessly disregarding the rules of an acronym, stans for SElf DRIving Car. It’s not only capable of driving on its own, but making decisions about anything it meets as well. Check it out!