This 26 Year Old Hacker Can Turn Your Car Into A Self-Driving Car!!!

Self-Driving Car

Given the current situation in the automotive industry, it’s no wonder that the future brings many self-driving designs. Recently, automakers have been competing with each other when it comes to autonomous technology, however, the prices of their little pieces of art are over the roof. George Hotz, on the other hand, thinks that they are simply overpaid.

Hotz was the first person who discovered how to hack the iPhone when he was 17, while hacking the PS3 as well. Now, he built his own self-driving car that according to him costs no more than 1,000$.

Additionally, he is the founder of a company called The company has been working on a kit that makes the dream come true- turning regular vehicle into semi-autonomous ones. He developed his first model in his own garage and in the video below we’re checking out what his creation is all about.