Six stroke engine – What are its basic working principles?

Six Stroke Engine

The term ‘six stroke engine’ has been used for a number of alternative internal combustion engine designs. In fact, the six stroke was an attempt to improve the two-stroke and four-stroke engines that we’re all well familiar with.

The advantages of the six stroke engine are reduced mechanical complexity, fuel efficiency, and reduced emission. We can divide these engine into two grounds based on the number of pistons.

A mechanic from India, Chanayil Cleetus Anil, ended up delivering this amazing creation. The working of this engine is explained through 6 different strokes.
What you see in the video below is the creation of Chanayil Cleetus Anil, a mechanic from India. His hard work resulted in this creation. The working of this engine is explained via six different strokes:

  • Air intake (scavenging)
  • Air Exhaust (scavenging)
  • Exhaust stroke
  • Power stroke
  • Compression stroke
  • Suction stroke

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