GEN H-4 – The Smallest Helicopter In The World!

Smallest Helicopter In The World

If you are determined to fly solo and looking for the right machine to do it with, then look no more- with the GEN H-4 you can hover in the sky in the smallest one-man helicopter in the world.

The GEN H-4 was designed and build by a Japanese company called Gen Corporation. Their creation weighs 75 kg (by itself) and is capable of flying at 50 km/h. It is powered by 4 Gen engines (two-stroke boxer twin, 125 cc, 10 hp per engine) that altogether produce 40 HP. Despite for being famous for its purpose, the GEN H-4 can also be said to be the most dangerous one. Flying this thing you’ll have barely anything to stand or sit on. But, if GTA4 has taught as anything it is that using a helicopter is the fastest and easiest way to travel. It’s also great for flying under bridges of achievements and locating pigeons.
Be that as it may, the GEN H-4 comes at a prize of  $85000.

Check it out!