The Future of Bike Safety is Here -New Smart Airbag Jacket for Bikers!

Smart Airbag Jacket

If you want to have the airbag upper-body protection as all the MotoGP riders but for a fraction of the cost, then the new Helite smart airbag jacket is definitely the way to go. This airbag vest can be worn over the top of anything you’re wearing. It features a hard-shell Knox back protector and of course, as the name suggests, an airbag. This so-called ‘turtle-design’  provides resistance to any sharp object one might encounter during a crash. This includes broken motorcycle parts like fences, poles of glass shards.

However, what really makes the ‘turtle vest’ different from other such designs is the fact that it minimizes the risk of injuries to internal organs. It keeps the head, neck and spine aligned to avoid an kind of hyper-flexion injury as well.

In the video below, we’re checking out the new smart airbag jacket deploying in a crash test. The price starts at $629 and according to what we see in the video, it might be worth it. Check it out!