Awesome Solar-Powered Electric Tractor!

Solar-Powered Electric Tractor

Clearly, the world is running out of gas and oil and all most people do is ignore the coming crisis. Food distribution and production have been so dependent on petroleum use that it’s hard to imagine functioning with using this fuel. The only promising option we are left with is a solar-powered electric tractor.

These machines offer several advantages over the regular ones. Combustion engines operate at less that 15 perfect efficiency, while electric at more than 90 percent. But while we’re making the case for such agricultural world, it seems like we don’t have the necessary means to achieve it.

However, Steve Heceroth’s Model 12 is a tractor that is rated at 20 HP, which makes a small step toward that goal. It is comparable to a 60 HP petrol or 40 HP diesel tractor.

This model is not directly powered by the sun. However, it is recharged thanks to an 8kW rooftop solar power system. To find out more, check out the video below!