Goodyear’s Awesome Spherical Tire Can Move In Any Direction!!!

Spherical Tire

Goodyear is known for its innovative tire designs and concepts. But this time they have definitely brought something to think about – their spherical tire. We’re thinking of autonomous cars without a steering wheel, so why not try different tires as well?

The tire maker says that the Eagle-360 tire is designed specifically for self-driving cars. A tire with such a design allows for greater mobility in any possible direction, which would mean navigating tight spaces. But, how would we connect these tires to a car when there are no axles? Well, Goodyear is thinking magnetic levitation. According to the company, this would deliver a quiet and remarkably smooth ride.

Compared to cylindrical tires, the spherical tire would have more surface area, meaning that your treads won’t wear out as quickly as they used to. What’s more, they can make a difference between a dry and wet road.

To find out more about them, check out the video below!