The Spirit autonomous tractor takes farmers out of farming!

Spirit autonomous tractorSpirit autonomous tractor

The prototype Spirit autonomous tractor was introduced at the Big Iron Farm Show in West Fargo. What’s makes this tractor stand out from the crowd is it’s ability to throw convention and the need for a driver aside.

The Spirit comes with a more reminiscent look of a rectangular rubber-tracked gold LEGO block rather than the conventional shape of the modern tractor. According to the designer of this creation, Terry Anderson, this is actually the look of the future. If compared to traditional tractors, the only missing element that you’ll be able to spot in its design is the tractor cab.

This futuristic concept was designed to tell the tale of a low-cost, efficient and reliable piece of machinery that doesn’t need a driver. Along with its fail-safe no-driver navigation system there is a a 500-hr. service interval, 25,000-hr. service life, ,and a maximum 2-hr. repair time. The tractor is available at $500 per horsepower.

Additionally, it includes a hybrid laser-radio navigation system, which means that the odds of the tractor straying outside of field boundaries are brought to minimum.