How does a steam turbine work – everything you need to know!

How does a steam turbine work

Have you ever wondered how does a steam turbine work ? Well, to get to the correct answer, first we must go through the basics. That means asking and answering some questions before we find out what we need, so let’s start.

First, imagine a world where we use boiling water for everything we wanted to do. Of course, we are all used to boil water to make coffee or tea but, not for everything else. To know how does a steam turbine work you must think about a situation where you have to make steam to charge your iPods, vacuum carpets or watch TV and I know it sounds crazy but, it’s not far from the truth.

How does a steam turbine workIf you’re not using a solar panel or a wind turbine, every watt of power you consume comes from a certain power plant that produces electricity from hissing, boiling and rapidly expanding steam. So, we don’t use piston-pushing steam engine to power the world, but we still use modern alternatives, called steam turbines.

Next thing we want to clarify is why we use a steam turbine?! I hope you have never burned yourself with steam because it’s incredibly painful – it is more painful that an ordinary hot water burn. Why? Simply because, they are at the same temperature but steam contains more energy and it is much more efficient.

So, everything that you need to know is in the video below. There, it is nicely explained how does a steam turbine work and how the energy transfers from fluid to solid.

So, how does a steam turbine work ? – Check out the answer.