Summer tires vs. Winter tires – Which is the best and when?!?

Summer tires vs. Winter tiresSaying that there are summer tires and winter tires would be, for some people, a simple divison considering that there are many other types of tires out there. There are all-season tires, all-weather tires, snow tires but most of them are just different referants. However, simply put, when we’re looking for a difference between various types of tires, this is where we ought to look. As you know, both winter and summer tires have got specific features that make them unique. But, what are the main difference and why do we use each type for specific purposes?

Summer tires vs. Winter tires!

Well, having the right tire in the winter matters. From heavy snowfall to ice, the roads in the winter are quite unpredictable. Thus, the tires are challenged to provide traction like in no other season of the year. The combination of ice, snow and cold temperatures is best met by the winter tires. One of their many unique features are: tread depth and patterns, tread rubber, and biting edges.

On the other hand, summer tires are designed for high performance vehicles. These tires are well-suited for vehicles that offer speed and agility. That’s why the summer tires, unlike the winter tires, offer increased cornering, responsivness and braking capablities. This means that they provide maximum road-holding grip and have more rubber in contact with the road.

Thus, theyhave greater stability when pushed closer to the limits.
Nevertheless, we’re all more or less familiar with their function. What we really want to know is what makes them different from the outside and how are they designed. Check out the video to find that out!