Audi’s “Swarm” Tail Light Changes The Future Of Automotive Lighting!

Swarm Tail Light

Audi’s Swarm Tail Lights are one of the lesser-seen concepts that appeared at CES 2013. There the Audi stand presented something that a bit of a conceptual madness: a kind of tail lights we’ve never seen before. This, supposedly, captures the brightly-lit future and gives us something to complete out visions. However, despite the appeal of the concept, we’re not sure if these tail light will inspire better driving or will serve more as a distraction on the road.

As the car accelerates, the lights more faster creating the “swarm” effect as the Audi reaches top speed. The swarms are able to move both left and right, according the where the wheels are aiming. It’s not something that we’re used to seeing on the road, but if by any chance the world does accustom to this kind of driving style on the streets, it will be a cooler place to live.

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