Swincar Electric Spider – The World’s Most Amazing ATV!


There aren’t many people who can say that they aren’t fans of tilting vehicles. But whether you already have a favorite or not, you’ll definitely agree that there is nothing quite like the Swincar Electric Spider. The concept is remarkable tilting, boasting rough terrain capabilities unlike any other of its kind.

The catch? Well, the Snicar E-Spider has independent suspension and a hub motor for each of its wheel. The result is an ATV that is capable of leaning into turns like a motorcycle while going up or down a 70-percent gradient. Additionally, it can ride diagonally through ditches and across a 50-percent gradient ( the left wheels go a couple of feet higher than the right ones).  Seeing it in action is absolutely bonkers. The independent suspension arms make of an almost surreal degree od tilting and vertical movement.

Jerome Aesac, Thierry James and Pascal Rambaud did their fair share of work with spending 8 years on this bizarre all-terrain vehicle. Now, their creation is capable of tackling any terrain with remarkable ease. Check it out!