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How Are Engine Pistons Made

How Are Engine Pistons Made And How They Work?!?

A piston is an essential component of reciprocating engines, pneumatic cylinders, gas compressors and other similar mechanisms. The piston is the moving component which is made gas-tight by piston rings and is contained by a cylinder. …
welding electrode

How is a welding electrode made?!?

More than a century ago, welders fused two surfaces by melting a metal stick over then using an electric current. Now, that particular stick is called a welding electrode. It is basically a rod that …
How Car Tyres are Made

How Car Tyres are Made? – Explained!

Tires may seem simple but their manufacturing process isn’t. The making of tires requires up to 30 various kinds of rubber, fillers and other ingredients that make a tire the perfection it is. Every ingredient …