Unbelievable Taxi Drone Will Fly Passengers Around In Dubai!

Taxi Drone

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority showed off an autonomous Taxi Drone in a recently released video. This multi-rotor taxi drone is capable of carrying one passenger, weighing up to 220 pounds (100 kilograms) and a “small suitcase”. This little thing can land and launch vertically, flying completely autonomously at up to 50 kilometers per hour.

All the passenger needs to do after getting in the aerial vehicle is to lock the door, input a destination using an onboard interface and fasten the multi-point restraint.

The invention is amazing as it is and generally, brings many benefits. However, the passenger drone faces a lot of big challenges as well. In a crowded city, taking off and landing vertically will definitely prove to be a problem at some point, as well as keeping down the noise and provide safety to both passengers and people on the ground.

Check out what the Taxi drone is all about in in the video below!