Ten Insane Machines That Will Blow Your Mind‏!!!

Ten Insane Machines

These innovative machines are realy amazing.

The first one in the video is my favorite – the Mill Blackbird (first fully adjustable car rig that creates photoreal CG cars).

Other cool machines in the video below are: Guardian GT – (Big Arm system is technical solution to the 40 to 400 pounds “lift gap”, builds on concepts and technologies developed to augment the strength of the operator), Spot mini robot – (is all electric, quiet, comes with a very capable googley eyed face-arm), Armoured vehicle launched bridge – AVLB (An armoured vehicle-launched bridge) – job – to allow armoured or infantry units to cross craters, anti-tank ditches, blown bridges, railroad cuts, canals, rivers and ravines.


The road printer –  is a battery powered concept in the field of machine-paving – Fast, sleek and much less stressful for the pavers.

Also there are machines such as – Airlander 10, Munckhov tree shaker, Bracke T26 disc trencher, Megabot MK II and Tunnel boring machines.

Which one is your favorite?

Check it out!