The Devel Sixteen V16 Engine – 4,500 HP – Madness!

Devel Sixteen EngineDevel Sixteen engine

The Devel Sixteen engine is a remarkable engine with four 81 mm turbos, a massive billet aluminum block and huge one-piece crankshaft, a gigantic intake manifold, and some impressive specs. This Devel engine was designed and built by Steve Morris Engines for the upcoming DEVEL SIXTEEN car.

You need to know just three things: V-16, quad turbos, and… the most powerful streetable engine in the world.  It is hard to believe…. Well, you should.

It is 3,000-4,500 HP monster, which I guess is barely enough to get you from LA to Vegas in under an hour if… no other cars existed 😀

The Devel Sixteen engine makes 4000HP at 30psi and at 36psi it produces 4500HP. Very impressive! We love the idea of wild and crazy engineering projects!

Check out this extremely powerful & big Devel Sixteen engine!