The Planetary Gear Set – What is it and how does it work?

Planetary Gear Set

The planetary gear set is one of the most peculiar inventions in the engineering department. It is also called the epicyclic gear train and it is known for great speed variation mechanisms, mostly used in automobiles as a vital part of an automatic transmission. Planetary gears can supply a lot of torque and speed reduction in a small package due to the fact that they features characteristics beyond those of fixed-axis gear trains.

As previously mentioned, a planetary gear set is a strong contender when space and weight versus torque and reduction and main concerns. However, to fully understand how planetary gears work, you need details. Examining the mechanics and construction reveals some of the less-obvious factors that come into play.
Any planet gear set has 4 main components: the sun gear, the ring gear, the planet gears and the planet gears’ carrier. Every components can be the output, the input or can be held stationary. Choosing which piece does what determines the gear ratio.

To find out how that works, check out the video below!