The Vozz RS 1.0 – The Most Secure Motorcycle Helmet Design!

VOZZ Motorcycle HelmetVOZZ Motorcycle Helmet

VOZZ Helmet – New innovative and revolutionary safety equipment from VOZZ Helmets company. Managing Director of VOZZ helmets Mark Bryant, confirmed that Vozz helmets are certified and approved for use on motorcycles in Australia, New Zealand, Europe (ECE) and North America (DOT). He also discusses the features and benefits of this innovative VOZZ motorcycle helmet.

This helmet has “rear-access design” – it opens from the back, so putting on a helmet will never be the same again – no more taking gloves or glasses off! This helmet can increase the comfort, safety and performance of people in high-risk activities. 

The difference is that this new design eliminates the chinstrap while adding extra chin protection, greater head movement for the rider and a snug shell without the need to heave your head through the padding.

The benefits in terms of aerodynamics – the overall size of the helmet, and a rounded chin bar that fits more closely and gives more protection under the jaw line, and less points that can get snagged in a crash. It isn’t affected by the wind, which eliminates buffeting, lifting and movement when riding.


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