Making a thermal lance that is hot enough to melt some rocks!

thermal lanceHeat can be a hacker’s best friend. A little amount of it can help release a stubborn nut and a lot of it can melt a rusty bolt clean off. Thus, if you need enough heat to melt rocks and you want a more portable setup than an oxy-acetylene torch, then you ought to take a look at a thermal lance.

Thermic lances have been part of the demolition industry for a long time. There, cutting steel quickly is something like a common chore. Commercial thermal lances are bundles of steel fuel rods which have the oxygen blown down an outer tube while set on fire. The flame that’s a result of this action reaches up to 4500°C.

Thermal lance!

However, if you need a similarly destructive device, the YouTuber NightHawkInLight has a super-simple solution. This is a small disposable tank that of oxygen, a length of Tygon tubing, a regulator, and a piece of 5/8″ steel brake line. The great thing about it is that the brake line provides both oxygen and fuel – noo need for fuel rods!

As seen in the video, it’s not a problem to light the little lance without the usual oxy-acetylene torch. The results are quite impressive. Check it out!