This Idiot Doesn’t Deserve a BMW – Awful Crash Into a Bus & Concrete Fence!

BMW Awful Crush

Dash Cam Video (front and rear cameras) showing a BMW in a big hurry, trying to pass a school bus, but there’s not enough space to pass. The fast BMW crashed into that bus and jumped onto the concrete fence. Sometimes bad driving is the result of the impatience and the drivers tend to get nervous while driving on the streets. Then all goes wrong… exactly that is what this BMW driver has learned to a bad way!

The driver of the BMW F30 3-Series found himself in a predicament.

Luckily, nobody was injured. The driver learned a very valuable lesson, one that he will never forget… he must have more patience while is in jam traffic, cause another time he might not get so lucky to get away without injuries.

Check it out!