Top 10 Fastest Things in The Universe Including People!

fastest things
Fastest things

In the video below you will see the top 10 fastest things in the world including people. In short the unofficial fastest road car is  Hennessey Venom GT, which reached 270.49 miles per hour.

The Thrust Supersonic is the fastest non-production car ever made. This British jet-propelled vehicle became the first car which break the sound barrier, and has achieved speed of 763mph. The Thrust is powered by two after-burning RR Space Turbo fan engines, and has a net thrust of 223 KN as well as a power output of 1110 horsepower.

And… The fastest man – An eight-time world champion of sprinting, Usain Bolt has been nicknamed “Lightening Bolt” to further enhance the imagery of high speed.
The fastest computer in the world come from China – the Tianhe-2. The Tianhe -2 can run 33.86 quadrillion floating point operations in 1 second.

If you want to know more, like which is the fastest plane, ambulance, elevator, roller coaster or land animal check out the video!