Track N Go – Wheel Driven Track System – Drive Your Car On Ice with Ease!

Track N GoTrack N Go

After several years of research and development, AD Boivin has created the first ever wheel driven track system- Track N Go, an innovation that will make it much easier to use tracks on any vehicles and conquer any terrain in any weather. Driving through thick snow or ice with ease – now it is reality.

Denis Boivin, Mike Fontaine and Yannick Fontaine have been working on this innovative and unique system for over 3 years. The best thing of Track N Go system is you don’t have to remove the wheels to set the tracks, and you can set the tracks onto all 4 wheels within 15 minutes.

Each Track N Go kit comes with four tracks and two loading ramps, so you just need to follow a certain instructions to make sure you do everything right.

This system also comes equipped with anti-diving snow deflectors, preventing the tracks from diving in deep snow.

And now the price…  Track N Go will cost you 25.000 dollars.

Check out this impressive system in action!