DIY transparent hybrid rocket engine is some exceptionally beautiful science!

transparent hybrid rocket engineDIY transpared hybrid rocket engine may not be going anywhere but that doesn’t stop us from loving it even more.

Solid-fuel rockets can do great things like launching a hobby rocket and boosting Space Shuttles into orbit. However, if you want a semblance control over your rocket regarding how strongly it fires or the ability to stop it and start it again then look no more. All you need is actually a hybrid-fuel rocket engine with separated oxidizer and fuel. Oh and, this is what one looks like on the inside.

Transparent hybrid rocket engine!

The YouTuber, whose video we are checking out today, uses acrylic rod as both the fuel and housing for the rocket. In addition, a supply of oxygen acts as an oxidizer. Except for a graphite nozzle to focus to blast, that’s pretty much all it takes. Nevertheless, you don’t really need it to feast your eyes on the fiery reaction.

Of course, this engine wouldn’t really prove to be any good as the oxygen tank it’s feeding from is heavy and huge. Though, this stationary build still serves as a great illustrator of how a transparent hybrid rocket engine works. Check it out!