An Introduction To Articulated 27-Tonne Capacity Tribine Harvester!

Tribine Harvester

The Tribine harvester, which is based on a Gleaner S77, is one of the best harvester that has ever been produced. This combine has a  27-tonne grain bin that can be unloaded in only 2 minutes. The bin is actually built into the machine, which gives it twice the on-board capacity that most of the other combine harvesters.

In addition, it features one of the world’s largest threshing and cleaning systems. Moreover, it has a 6.7-litre engine to drive the fulltime all-wheel-drive combine and a  9.0-litre harvesting engine. The harvester is capable of operating 24 hours with its 1.2m-wide, 1.8m-tall tyres.

It is believed that it weighs around 45 tonnes when it’s full. For a better introduction, check out the video below!