They Can’t Afford It, So they Steal It – Unbelievable Robbery of 4 BMWs Caught on Camera!

Robbery of BMW

In the video below you will see unbelievable robbery of four brand new BMW cars. This happens in St. Petersburg Dealership.

Caught on the security cameras these crafty thieves stole four cars from the parking hall of the auto salon and took them without anyone noticing the whole situation. In only 2 minutes they stole BMW X6, BMW 7, BMW X5 and a Gran Turismo model – worth a total of 310,000 dollars.

It is assumed that these people previously stole the keys to the salon, then went to the parking lot and freely open the door of each car using a key and sit inside them.

One of the four cars was found in a garage in the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg, but the police are still searching for the thieves and the other stolen BMW cars.

Check out this spectacular and unbelievable robbery!