Underwater welding – more than just an average job!

Underwater weldingUnderwater welding is a lucrative and exciting career for ex-military, veterans and any person who is seeking for a adventurous job. Well, it’s more than just an adventure, it’s quite risky at that.

Hyperbaric welding is a term for used for welding at elevated pressure, usually underwater. Nevertheless, hyperbaric welding can take place inside a specially constructed positive pressure enclosure as well; hence, a dry environment. Predominantly, the term “hyperbaric welding usually refers to latter, however, it can be used when referring to a wet environment as well.

So, what makes underwater welding dangerous? Well, this process exposes the electrode and the diver to the water and the surrounding elements. Usually, it’s limited to low carbon equivalent steels because of the cracking caused by hydrogen. Check it out!