Could NASA’s Warp Drive Allow Us To Move Faster Than light?!?

Warp Drive

A warp drive is a FTL (faster-than-light) spacecraft propulsion system. You may have never heard about it but, you might have seen it in many science fiction works, most notably Start Trek. Well, a spacecraft that is equipped with a warp drive could travel faster than light.

But, isn’t “faster than light” simply a science fiction term? Not necessarily. NASA’s minds have been working on breaking the light speed barrier ever since the sound barrier was broken. There are many other “absurd” theories that have become reality, so why not this one?

Now, you may be thinking “Travel faster than light? What about Einstein?” Well, the bulk of scientific knowledge concludes it impossible, especially¬†Einstein‚Äôs Theory of Relativity. For several years now, we they NASA has created a propulsion that is pretty fast.

Be that as it may, the science of warp drive doesn’t really focus on how fast we can go, because we have our limit. Instead, scientists are trying to find a way around that and they’ve opt for a warp bubble. Basically, if the space in front of the spacecraft is compressed, the space behind would expand. That would result is genuine space-travel – re-positioning the ship without moving it much.

So, what is this engineering marvel all about? Check out the video and find out!