The Water Burning Engine – What happened to this invention???

Water Burning Engine

Denny Klein is a guy that has figured out a way to use water as a power resource. It’s called the water burning engine and as the name suggests it basically runs on water. Well, not the water that we know of. More precisely, Klein thought of a process that converts H20 to HHO, turning water into a gas that combines the chemical stability of water and the atomic power of hydrogen. Namely, the process is reversible.

Denny’s water burning engine surprisingly was originally designed to cut metal. His idea was to replace acetylene in welding factories. What’s even more mind-blowing is that his little invention feels warm to the touch but scorches charcoal and other materials in a second.

Of course, the HHO gas can also be used to power cars. According to Klein you need 4 ounces of water on a 100 mile trip. It surely is a one-of-a-kind invention but is it really genuine? Check it out!