Winter Tires vs Summer Tires – What’s The Difference?

Winter Tires vs Summer TiresWinter Tires vs Summer Tires

During the tire buying process, one of the most common asked questions is “What is the difference between winter tires and summer tires?”

When driving on winter weather on a cold, wet and slippery road or driving in summer on a hot surface, having the right tires matters.

Winter Tires vs Summer Tires – What’s The Difference?

The summer tires have specialized tread patterns and rubber compounds with less grooving that allow for improved precision on the road. The tread compounds of summer tires are harder, therefore allowing for better traction and grip.

The tread compound on winter tires is softer than regular tires, and the winter tires have deeper treads which offer much better grip under icy and snowy conditions.

In the video below, Engineering Explained provides a deeper and more detailed explanation about the difference between winter and summer tires.

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