Without A Gearbox The Koenigsegg Regera Hits 248 MPH – Unbelievable!!!

Without A Gearbox

Christian Von Koenigsegg is one of the most creative and most inventive automaker chiefs that the world has ever seen. The previous year he came up with a brilliant idea for his one-of-a-kind hybrid supercar. Though, he refuses to call it a hybrid, it certainly is a unique piece of art that’s quite different from the others we’re used to seeing. The main difference being no gearbox whatsoever. So, how does his 1500 HP Regera work without a gearbox?

Well, welcome to nerd’s paradise. On this episode,┬áChristian Von Koenigsegg explains the so-called Direct Drive, a gas-electric hybrid system. His invention surely makes traditional gearing obsolete while making us wonder how he managed to do it.

Find out what the Direct Drive is all about in the video below!