World’s 3 largest moving machines – Big, bigger and the biggest!

3 World's Largest MachinesNowadays, the computer technology and communication devices keep getting smaller. On the other hand, the working machines can’t stop growing in size. Now, there is an aircraft that is big enough to allow another aircraft to ride in it. So, what are the 3 largest moving machines in the world?

NASA Crawler-transporters:

The NASA crawler-transporter is the largest land transport vehicle in the world. It costs 14 million US dollars and each existing crawler is  114 feet wide, 131 feet long and about 6 million pounds heavy.

Big Bertha:

This massive machine weighs  7,000 tons or 14 million pounds and is 326 feet long. This figures make it the world’s largest tunnel boring machine. It was designed specifically for the  SR99 Tunnel Project and it’s worth 80 million dollars.

Bagger 293:

The Bagger 293 weighs 14,200 tonnes, is 315 feet high and 738 feet long. It is known to the world as the biggest terrestrial vehicle of all time and it also holds the record for the biggest mining machine ever made. This thing provides enough electricity to sustain a medium-sized city – isn’t that amazing?

Check them out in action!