World’s Fastest Bumper Car – Thanks to Colin Furze!

World's Fastest Bumper Car

Have you ever looked at a bumper car and asked yourself how fast can this thing really go? Well, it seems like you’ve finally got your answer. Colin Furze, the noted builder of incredibly dangerous creations, has been reached out to create a new vehicle for the Stig. The only guideline he got is to “make something slow go quite fast”.

Furze spent a month or so turning a 1960’s bumper car into a 1/4 beast and now, it’s the fastest bumper car in the world. How? He fitted it with a 600cc Honda motorbike engine and added 3 weeks worth of of engineering ingenuity. After all, that’s the way to end up with a record breaker.

The 1000bh bumper car was tested and it rocketed to terrifying 100.336 mph; thus, becoming the world’s fastest bumper car ever. In the video below, we can see some of the work that Colin Furze did in order to bring his ride to perfection. Check it out!