The World’s Largest Artificial Sun Could Produce Clean Energy!!!

World's Largest Artificial Sun

Don’t lean against the light switch at the Synlight building in Germany – things might get a bit hotter than you can handle.

A group of German officials and scientists have unveiled a $3.8 million system at the German Aerospace Center’s research facility in Jülich. In the building is the so-called the Synlight experiment which sits in a protective radiation chamber.

What is it? Well, let’s say that these scientists have switched the largest artificial sun in the world. It’s an instrument that is potentially a great game-changer in the fight against climate change.

This Synlight system is capable of producing light that is arguably 10,000 times greater than the intensity of natural sunlight on the surface of the Earth. If concentrated on a single spot, the system reaches scorching temperatures of 5,400 degrees Fahrenheit.

But, why is this device so amazing apart from being the largest artificial sun this world has ever seen? Namely, this thing could help produce hydrogen fuels, meaning it’s a carbon-free alternative for airplanes and vehicles as well. Check it out!