World’s Smallest W18 Engine – An Engineering Art In Motion!

World's smallest W18World’s smallest W18 engine – it is as awesome as it gets!

The video below is a segment (part 8) of an entire documentary. It is about designing and producing a unique and miniature W18 motor. It’s not only miniature motor – it is the world’s smallest W18 that has ever been constructed.

This W18 engine comes with a compressed air injection engine that is using the air as a source of energy. This is what gives the W18 power to work and it is a great idea. This is actually called Teoricamente and it is capable to work with any power source and turn it into energy. The world is moving forward people, so you better not miss the ride.

smallest W18 motorBehind the world’s smallest W18 engine are the people at “Los motores Patelo”. They designed and produced it and are presenting the W18 to all fans of mechanical engineering. So yes, this is a little engineering miracle and we are to appreciate it.

You can’t build the world’s smallest W18 engine in one minute, so in the video below, we can see the construction process step by step.

For those of you who are interested into specific details, the world’s smallest W18 engine has 388 screws and 469 pieces. Its life span is 1850 hours and it is quite impressive for something that’s so small. If you’re interested in the whole process, check out this video and see what it is all about.

This is the smallest engine in the world!